A downloadable Platformer for Windows

The Last drive 

created BY: Josiah (Lukah777)
Written by: Darian

This is our first game

Jump: w/up arrow
crouch: s/down arrow
Move right: d/right arrow
Move Left: a/left arrow
Climb: Direction and jump
Push: crouch and direction

Don't play in FullScreen

Published Sep 05, 2017
Tags3D Platformer

Install instructions

Unzip and read info


The Last Drive.zip 54 MB


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Really liked the graphics and that attention to detail on the character and surroundings and keeping with the guidelines.  Great job for your first time.  I found it a bit hard to read the font.  Liked that you had a message that came from the game, very creative, good job!

A great first attempt in a time crunch, great feedback from the other posts too.  Nice work!  Animations would make it more lifelike for sure and the writing on the walls were creative - although a bit hard to read at times.  Thumbs Up otherwise!